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Hi, we are the coding company an efficient and friendly team brought together to help you get the best out of code development out sourcing. Based in the United Kingdom we deliver high quality unit tested code to businesses as well as design and digital agencies. In our experience most software projects rise and fall in their need for resources and that’s where we fit in – right when you need us.

There are many benefits to out sourcing code development including cost and time savings as well as the flexibility. We can plan and project manage full scale software development on a project basis or just help out on the PHP task you promised a client for Tuesday, its up to you.

full stack development

full stack development

  • Mobile Apps
  • CRM's
  • Custom
back end development

back end development

  • PHP
  • API's
  • Frameworks
front end development

front end development

  • JS Frameworks
  • Templating
  • Plugins

How we work

Generally after discussion and an understanding of your development project we would sign an NDA and set-up with a code repo to track our contribution to your project. Usually we would communicate with you through slack or email although phone and face to face meetings work too.

Our passion for Web development and mobile applications comes from experience working in the digital space over many years in delivering web applications and custom code. If you would like to see some examples of our coding work please let us know.

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