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Hi, we are the coding company an efficient and friendly team who love to build web applications, websites and mobile apps. We work with individuals, start-ups, businesses and digital agencies and anyone looking for great code with beautiful designs. Based in the United Kingdom we deliver high quality unit tested code as a full project or a contribution to outsourced tasks. Our clients stay with us because we are easy to talk to, suggest ways that really grow their business and we deliver results within agreed timescales.
website design and build


  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Custom
application development


  • Intelligent
  • Fast
  • Custom
mobile development


  • Optimised
  • Cross-Platform
  • Custom
full stack development

full stack development

  • Stock Control
  • CRM's
  • Custom
back end development

back end development

  • PHP
  • API's
  • Frameworks
front end development

front end development

  • JS Frameworks
  • Templating
  • Plugins

How we work

Generally after discussion and an understanding of your development project we would sign an NDA and set-up with a code repo to track our contribution to your project. Usually we would communicate with you through slack, zoom, teams, skype or email although phone and face to face meetings work too.

Our passion for Web development and mobile applications comes from our experience of working in the digital space over many years in delivering web applications and custom code. If you would like to see some examples of our coding work or talk to our existing clients to get their experience please let us know.

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