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Having managed and built many web applications over the years we pride ourselves in our experience and out of the box thinking in the development process.

Our experience and expertise has delivered:

Our applications succeed both on budget and time scales because of our project management, we follow strict stages in our development process:

Application Roadmap

First things first we work with you to develop a road map of the application development life cycle, this includes goals, milestones and a clear understanding of the objectives and expectations.

User Scope & Reach

This stage helps with identifying your target audience and their needs along with users of the application that may have elevated access.

Wire Framing & Features

Visually using wire frames to map out the views is a great benefit in demonstrating the functions, layout and workings of the application. Its also a stage where clarity and proof of understanding is negotiated to ensure the final draft meets all stakeholder expectations.

API’s and Third Party Services

Many applications pull data or services from external API’s and services, its at this stage we look at the who, what and where and get this agreed.

Technical Identification & Selection

Best tools for the job is a crucial part of the success of an application build and now we know from earlier stages the requirements, inputs and outputs we can look at and agree the technology to be used.

Development & Build

Its all set, we know what we are building, we know what we are using so here we crack on and do some proper coding. This is usually the longest stage due to the complexity of the code and the time it takes to make robust applications. De-bugging and problem solving is a major contribution to the time of this module.

Device Delivery

With so many browsers and devices out there its important that we test and de-bug your application across all device delivery platforms.

Unit Testing

Although its defined as a separate stage the Unit Testing is completed many times at different stages of the development process. Pre production we would test the application as a whole and identify any bottlenecks or severe resource hogging.

Final Sign-off and approval

The application is built, its been tested and its ready for you and other stakeholders to take one more look before going live. If everyones happy we move forward, if additional features are required or the initial brief has been changed due to internal or outside influences we move back depending upon the changes.

Production, Going live

All signed off agreed launch day has arrived and we move the application to production, its in place live and working.


Depending on the application we can move forward with arranged regular support or ad-hok support based upon your needs.

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