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Full Stack Web Development

Have an idea? or even a software project plan we can take your concept and produce an implementation that uses the best platform and architecture to deliver upon your expected outcomes. With many successful software applications across web and mobile platforms we bring a lot of experience and know how to make it shine.

We create Web Applications

We have developed CRM systems that provide intelligent information in business processes, custom CMS’s that empower and manage content across multiple sites and Insurance quote API’s. We specialise in custom web development of connecting systems whether it’s sycronising Ebay to match your website store or one to many content distribution to social networks. Many of our projects have been dedicated to mobile bringing the speed and benefits of compiled code to ordinary users.

We Development Using

Whether it’s pure PHP using OOP or regular function based for older systems that's no problem we know all versions since PHP4. Most new projects we would chose an MVC flavour to offer a more business logic approach typically using Laravel although we maintain many different frameworks. Front End is the typical HTML, CSS and Javascript in a standard web site format. Web applications we would generally build using Angular to offer a more application based approach.

How we work

It all starts with a plan, or should I say we start at the end initially agreeing the expectations and the ‘must haves’ once the application is in production. Typically we would then chose the right development software and platform that can best deliver upon the objectives.

A project plan is drawn up by taking input from all stakeholders and detailing a time line of modules that each are timed, costed and have set outputs. The project plan is the blueprint to success and a model that can demonstrate progress and adjust to change should additional features appear.

We follow strict processes during a software development build that breaks down the project plan into smaller tasks that are set as mile stones to measure progress, report upon and to indicate the end of a cycle prior to the next stage.

Once all the application project modules are complete and full stakeholder sign-off is achieved we move into launch stage and take the application into production.

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